Rebecca Miller

Rebecca (Becca) Miller, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and Associate Professor at the Yale School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, New Haven CT, USA. She received her MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Long Island University, Brooklyn, and her BA from Barnard College. She serves as Director of Peer Support at Connecticut Mental Health Center in New Haven, using her lived experience with mental illness to inform her work. Her publications and other scholarship have focused on peer support for persons diagnosed with serious mental illnesses, person-centered and recovery-oriented approaches, alternative experiential approaches to clinical training programs, and deprescribing in psychiatry. She recently co-authored the book, Deprescribing in Psychiatry, published by Oxford University Press. Becca was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, at age 39 when her daughter was 9 months old, and after living with symptoms undiagnosed for 10 years prior. She has served as a delegate and spoken on YOPD and parenting at the World Parkinson Congress in Portland, OR and Kyoto, Japan. She finds it delightfully ironic that she discovered snails were her totem animal 20 years before diagnosis with YOPD. She currently lives in New Haven, CT, USA, with her now 8-year-old daughter.


Three Days Before DBS

I like my brain. We’ve had a fairly good relationship over the years. It has generally served me well and has become more reliable with some teaching and training over the years. There are certain parts that are especially nice, the parts that put words together in interesting combinations, the parts that can convey feelings and images to others, the parts that entertain and find humor in many small and dark things, the parts that attempt to enter into someone else’s experience and project into another person’s world.

Deep Brain Stimulation
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