Sree Sripathy

WPP Co-Founder Sree Sripathy first noticed motor systems when her left arm stopped moving during an evening walk. She was quickly diagnosed thereafter with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. After attending the 2019 World Parkinson Congress she became committed to Parkinson’s Disease advocacy, particularly the voices of women with PD. Sree is a photographer, writer and artist based in California and works full time in Tech.  Sree is an Ambassador for the Davis Phinney Foundation.


From Four-Eyes to Eight

I've never been called four eyes. Maybe because I started wearing glasses only in high school. And even then, I barely wore them, constantly forgetting them, losing pair after pair in college. It would have been preparation for my current incarnation as an eight eyed being. Hindu goddesses are often depicted as having multiple arms and sometimes heads. I've always wanted to be a goddess. I may not have the multiple heads, but I do have the multiple eyes. Eight of them.

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The Fastest Envelope Stuffer in the West

"Your disease is progressing," my doctor told me last June. I stared at her. I didn't understand. I was a slow progresser. Slow on the slow scale, the last snail in the race. I envisioned slow being where I was for the next twenty years. I knew that didn’t make sense. I knew I was partly in denial. But I held on to that belief. It got me through. I felt that I was given that magical fairy dust that would freeze the disease in time within my body.

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