WPP Co-Founders


Building from Small Acorns

Women’s empowerment and women’s voices in healthcare have exploded on social media recently. When we started the Women’s Parkinson’s Project, we knew we wanted to address a need, a gap, we saw. That gap was a place to share the voices of women, through stories, about their day-to-day struggles and their journey with Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological conditions. We wanted to go slow. Give our project time to build up. We all had jobs, families, commitments, and of course our main partner to take care, the disease itself.

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Birth of a Project

We do ourselves an injustice by just suffering through it. Life, that’s the it. Women, that’s the we. We are so busy juggling families, work, caring for elder parents and advocating for others that we forget to advocate for ourselves. And if we do not advocate for ourselves, who will?

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