For better treatment and research for women with Parkinson's Disease

The Women's parkinson's project

There are more than 10 million people worldwide diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. How many are women? What is the average age women are diagnosed? How do women react differently to medication than men? There are no clear answers. We need answers.

And so we started the Women's Parkinson's Project to raise our voices for better treatment and research for women with Parkinson’s disease.

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Building from Small Acorns

Women’s empowerment and women’s voices in healthcare have exploded on social media recently. When we started the Women’s Parkinson’s Project, we knew we wanted to address a need, a gap, we saw. That gap was a place to share the voices of women, through stories, about their day-to-day struggles and their journey with Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological conditions. We wanted to go slow. Give our project time to build up. We all had jobs, families, commitments, and of course our main partner to take care, the disease itself.

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The Fastest Envelope Stuffer in the West

"Your disease is progressing," my doctor told me last June. I stared at her. I didn't understand. I was a slow progresser. Slow on the slow scale, the last snail in the race. I envisioned slow being where I was for the next twenty years. I knew that didn’t make sense. I knew I was partly in denial. But I held on to that belief. It got me through. I felt that I was given that magical fairy dust that would freeze the disease in time within my body.

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A New Baby and a Diagnosis of Young Onset PD

So, there I was 3 months pregnant with a much wanted second child, having a hot chocolate on the side of a snowy mountain in the French Alps when my hand would not stop shaking. When my husband came off the slopes with my 10-year-old son, I remember saying to him ‘as long as it’s not Parkinson’s.’

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