For better treatment and research for women with Parkinson's Disease

The Women's parkinson's project

There are more than 10 million people worldwide diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. How many are women? What is the average age women are diagnosed? How do women react differently to medication than men? There are no clear answers. We need answers.

And so we started the Women's Parkinson's Project to raise our voices for better treatment and research for women with Parkinson’s disease.

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Depression and Balancing Life

A person might experience depression at any time during the journey with Parkinson's Disease, even before diagnosis. Depression in PD is due to chemical imbalances in the brain. I have had Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease since 2011. Maybe my symptoms of depression were not diagnosed earlier.

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Three Days Before DBS

I like my brain. We’ve had a fairly good relationship over the years. It has generally served me well and has become more reliable with some teaching and training over the years. There are certain parts that are especially nice, the parts that put words together in interesting combinations, the parts that can convey feelings and images to others, the parts that entertain and find humor in many small and dark things, the parts that attempt to enter into someone else’s experience and project into another person’s world.

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A Long Way to Go

I worked as a nurse, a nurse midwife-nurse practitioner and a clinical director in my first act. In that first act were the years that I had trained for and dreamed about serving women with reproductive health needs and helping to guide women through labor and delivery of their newborn babies and to help through many phases in their lives. Then I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’sDisease. I left my clinical work and now am an author, advocate and artist.

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